Box Profile, Mixed Seconds , Profile - 1000/32B

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Code: SB132BMIX
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  • Box profile steel cladding (or trapezoidal) is a modern alternative to the traditional corrugated metal sheets and is most commonly used on industrial and agricultural buildings, however it is also used domestically as well. Rather than the rounded corrugations it has 'angled' ones that give it more of a modern look.
  • The 1000/32B mixed seconds sheets are a best value 'non-prime' sheet and come in a mix of different colours and finishes, on the top and underside and different thicknesses as well. These affordable sheets could be great if you have a small project where the inside is not visible or it doesn't matter about consistent colours. 
  • 1000/32B Mixed second sheet
  • Available from 6ft (1.825m)-16ft (4.876m) in 2ft increments
  • PLEASE NOTE - These sheets can vary in colour and finish, we will not pick specific ones out of a pack
  • Colour - Mixed
  • External Finish - Mixed
  • Internal Finish - Mixed
  • Material - Galvanised Steel
  • Cover Width (when lapped) - 1000mm
  • Thickness - 0.5mm & 0.7mm
  • Profile Dimensions - 32mm depth, 200mm pitch, 128mm valley, 22mm crown
  • Weight - 4.8kg to 6.8kg per m2
  • Application - Roof/Wall
  • Minimum Pitch - 4deg


  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Easy to install
  • Strong profile
  • Modern look 
  • Cheaper than prime sheets due mixed colours and finishes
What do our box profile sheets cover when fitted?
Our box profile sheets cover 1000mm when lapped.

What part of the sheet do I fix the fixing screws?
As per the MCRMA, you fix box profile sheets in the valley of the profile and not at the top of the corrugation. The washer provided on the fixings when compressed correctly provide a perfect water seal.

What is the minimum pitch required for these sheets?
We recommend you do not go any lower than 5°.

Can Southern Sheeting cut sheets?
Southern Sheeting will not cut our stock sheets so you will have to organise a way to cut them yourself. We can order sheets in cut to length if needed, please contact our sales team to make an enquiry.

What can I use to cut the sheets?

The best tool to use to cut these sheets would be a nibbler, you can also use a circular saw if you have the suitable steel blade. Angle grinders are very common to use but you can risk causing rust on the cut edge due to the heat generated from the grinder. Make sure the cut end is tucked under the ridge flashing or overlapping sheet.

How much should I lap these sheets by?
For the box profile sheets, you want to lap them by 1 corrugation. If you are using multiple sheets down the run, the minimum end lap on these sheets is 150mm.

What do the sheets weight?

These sheets weight 4.8kg square metre.

What care and maintenance are needed for these sheets?
You should inspect your roof every year to make sure there is no build up of debris such and branches, leaves, nests etc. If there are any markings, regular cleaner and water should suffice.

As these sheets are classed as seconds, can I pick sheets that are all the same colour?
No, unfortunately we do not allow this. Seconds sheets are sold as they come from the pack.

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