Composite Decking Fasteners

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£73.97 Incl. VAT

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  • Composite Decking Hidden Fasteners (500no) and Starter Clips (30no)
  • Simple-to-use self-gapping clip attaches two groove boards together and achieves a screwless finish alongside consistent spacing
  • It features a pre-set stainless steel screw for increased durability
  • This method is only suitable for grooved boards on a timber substructure 
  • Features drillbit for install
  • Resealable tub


  • Material - Stainless steel screw (square drive head) / Plastic spacer/Stainless steel Start clip
  • Length - 40mm 
  • Coverage sqm - 1 Tub = 25sqm (based on 140mm wide boards)
  • Hard plastic resealable tub


  • Holds board in place during fitting before being fully fixed
  • Hard plastic and stainless steel ensure longevity
  • Self gapping
  • Allows for boards to be secured without damaging boards.
  • Holds grooved boards to a timber substructure
  • Hidden fixing system
  • Resealable tub for reuse if not all fixings are used on project


  • How do I calculate how many fasteners I need?
    The hidden fasteners can be calculated at 90 fasteners per 4.5sqm of decking, this would allow for the recommended spacing of centres on composite decking installations

  • Do they come in different colours?
    There is only one finish for the hidden fasteners which is the plain black plastic. The spacers are barely visible between the boards and so colour shouldn’t be an issue.

  • Can they be fastened to a metal sub-frame?
    They can be used on a metal sub-frame however they will need a pilot hole prior to fastening.

  • Are the screws available in different lengths?
    The hidden fasteners come with one size screw as standard and can’t be changed. It is possible to replace them yourself, but they must work with the spacers.

  • How quickly can they be delivered?
    All fittings & accessories can be couriered on 2-3 working day basis.

  • How far do the spacers separate the board?
    The spacers separate the boards by a distance of 6mm, which is the recommended gap in the installation guide.