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Cedral Weatherboard Lap Classic Woodgrain - Woodstain finish

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Technical Specifications

  • Finish - Woodgrain woodstained
  • Length - 3600mm
  • Width - 190mm
  • Cover Width - 160mm
  • Thickness - 10mm
  • Coverage - 0.576sqm
  • Boards per sqm - 1.75
  • Weight - 11.2kg per plank
  • Fire Rating - A2
  • Life Expectancy - 50+ years
Cedral Weatherboard Lap Classic Woodgrain
  • Cedral Lap Classic is a fibre cement weatherboard cladding plank with a woodgrain finish. 
  • The Lap system is installed as traditional shiplap weatherboarding with square edged boards lapping each other and the fixing hidden behind the lap of the next board. 
  • Cedral Lap are manufactured in 3600mm lengths by 190mm width and a market leading 10mm thickness which offers a rigid and robust cladding board. 
  • These low maintenance boards do not require repainting and come in the choice of 21 different pre-painted colours and 2 woodstain colours from stock. 
  • Cedral is resistant to rot, insects UV and are  fire rated so offer a innovative alternative to traditional timber weatherboarding. 
  • Each lap board requires a 30mm lap on installation giving a cover width of 160mm per board.  Each board will therefor cover 0.576m2 each.  Alternatively please allow 1.75 board per m2.
  • Traditional lapped weatherboard system
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy to install
  • Timber effect finish
  • Available in 21 different pre-painted colours
  • Does not rot
  • Unaffected by insects
  • Resistant to fade
  • Long lasting - 50+ year life expectancy
  • Can be recycled

How do I work out how many boards I need?
You will require 1.75 Cedral Lap boards per square metre.  We also suggest that you add a 5% wastage allowance on to the board quantity if you didn't already add this at the time of calculating the meterage area.  If you need any help working out your requirements please get in touch.

How much does Cedral cost per M2?
Southern Sheeting Supplies offer quantity discounting so the more you need the cheaper the unit price so it is very hard to offer a meterage price that covers all projects.  To add, each project will require varying amounts of trims which will impact the project price considerably.  To get an overall price please add your items to a quote basket or give us a call to discuss in more detail.

What is Cedral weatherboard made from?
Cedral Weatherboard is manufactured in fibre cement which is a combination of cement, water and cellulose fibres.

What is the life expectancy of Cedral Weatherboard?
Cedral planks have a minimum life expectancy of 50 years.

Is Cedral resistant to fire?
Yes, Cedral has a fire rating of Euroclass A2.  The planks have limited combustibility and so does not further the spread of fire.

What is the importance of airflow behind Cedral?
Airflow behind Cedral cladding is critical and it should always be installed on battens - never laid on to flat boarding. Cedral is a porous material and so requires airflow behind the cladding to allow the system to remove moisture.  Cedral should be installed in accordance to ventilated rainscreen installation principle whereby airflow can come in behind the boards at the base of the cladding, flow behind the boards and out of an opening at the top of the cladding.

What maintenance is required for Cedral Cladding?
Maintenance for Cedral cladding is minimal.  An annual hose down is advised and any spoiling should be rubbed down with a soft sponge and slightly soapy water or soft household detergent.

Why is Cedral better than other fibre cement weatherboard cladding boards?
Cedral Lap weatherboard is 10mm thick which is 2mm thicker than most others.  This makes the board stronger, more shock resistant, and allows less flex. Thicker boards are easier to work with prior to installation and also reduces the chances of any movement/rattling once installed on elevations exposed to high winds.

Can I get colour matched trims in the same material?
No, Cedral Cladding is supplied with a range of colour matched aluminium trims.  You can no longer purchase fibre cement trims to suit.

Can I add insulation behind Cedral Cladding?
Yes, Adding insulation behind the cladding is very common.  You must ensure however that you leave a minimum of 30mm airflow behind the cladding and so it is important not to completely fill the voids with insulation.

How can I cut Cedral Weatherboard?
Cedral Weatherboard can be cut using a specialist fibre cement saw blade in a circular saw.  Guillotines are also available for straight cuts on the Lap boards only - Guillotines will not cut through Click boards well.

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