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Connection profile for Cedral Lap and Click

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Technical Specifications

  • Material - PPC Aluminium
  • Length - 3000mm
  • Dimensions - 45mm x 15mm x 8mm
  • Thickness - 0.9mm
  • Weight - 0.5kg 
Connection Profile for Cedral Lap and Click
  • Connection profile for use with both Cedral Lap and Cedral Click  weatherboard lap systems.
  • 3000m long x 45mm x 15mm x 8mm 
  • Please note that these trims must be installed before the boards are installed with the 45mm leg sitting behind the boards.
  • Connection profiles can be used around the edge of a window reveal board where the board meets the window on both the lap and Click system.  On the lap system they can also be used horizontally to cover the cut edge of a board along the top run near the eaves line.  On Cedral Click they are used vertically in the same way as an end profile to terminate the end of a run of cladding.
  • All colour matched trims are supplied in 3m lengths and manufactured in 0.9mm thick aluminium.  Connection profiles are available in 23 different colours to suit all Cedral planks.
  • Southern Sheeting stock and supply our own range of colour matched trims to suit Cedral boards.  These are manufactured from the same high quality material that Etex use, the only difference being that our trims do not include the embossed 'Cedral' logo on them.  Whilst the colour matches are good, we do not recommend using our trims butted up directly to Cedral own trims as you may see a very slight colour variance.  (You will not notice any colour variance on trims installed a few metres apart).
  • Long lasting aluminium material
  • Colour matched to suit Cedral planks
  • Lightweight and easy to handle

How do you install a Connection Profile 45?
A connection profile has various different applications and can be fitted vertically or horizontally.  For more information, please call our sales team or download a copy of the fixing guide.

Do you supply corner trims to match the colour of the cladding?
Yes, we stock colour matched trims in all 23 available UK Cedral plank colours.

Do you supply Etex manufactured Cedral trims?
Southern Sheeting stock trims are manufactured by our sister company which ensures consistency in our stock availability.  We do not stock Cedral trims but can source them on request.  Please note that Cedral trims will be subject to longer lead times and higher prices than our own trims.

What is the difference between Southern Sheeting Trims and Cedral own trims?
There is very little difference between the trims that we produce and the trims a that Etex produce.  Both trims are manufactured in the same high quality 0.9mm thick aluminium in the same finish.  Once installed you will not know the difference but before installation you can tell the difference by the Etex trims having an embossed 'Cedral' stamp on it.  Southern Sheeting trims will have no stamp but will have a product label on the inside.

Can I use Cedral own trims and Southern Sheeting trims on the same project?
Yes, you can use Cedral own trims and our trims on the same project, but due to colour batches we suggest that you do not use them right next to each other as you may see a slight shade variance when comparing them back-to-back.

What if the trims are not a good match to the boards?
It is very rare that you will be supplied trims that are not a good match to the boards.  It is however important to note that Southern Sheeting colour match their trims to Cedral trims to remain consistent with trims, we do not match our trims to the boards.  The most commented on colour variance is C05 Grey where the trims do come up a lighter grey than the boards - this is the same for both Cedral trims and Southern sheeting trims.

What if all my trims look white when delivered?
Most of our trims will have a white protective film on them to protect them before installation.  Have you removed the film?  Please ensure you remove this prior to installation as it is very hard remove afterwards.

Do you supply colour matched trims in a fibre cement type product?
No, Etex used to manufacture 'Eterspan' which was a thick fibre cement corner trim.  There was a few quality issues with these and they were discontinued around 2011.  Nowadays we would only recommend aluminium trims for use with Cedral.

Can you manufacturer trims in others shapes and sizes?
Yes, our sister company is a manufacturer of these trims and so can make bespoke trims suitable for drip flashings, window sills and different corners.  There are some restrictions on angles and return legs due to tooling but if you are able to send through a sketched cross sectional drawing with measurements of what you need we will happily look into this for you. 

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