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Plastic External Corner Cap for Cedral Lap Corners

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Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions - 34mm x 34mm 
Plastic External Corner Cap for Cedral Lap Corners
  • Plastic bung used in either end of the Symmetric or Asymmetric corner trims for the Cedral Lap. 
  • Used to prevent anything entering the trim and potentially nesting or blocking the trim. 
  • Also used for aesthetics to fill the hollow of the trim that is normally visible.
  • Prevents anything from falling/nesting in the trim cavity of both the Symmetric and the Asymmetric
  • Gives a finished look to the trim 

Are the bungs colour matched to the trim?
No, we don't supply any colour matched bungs. The three colours available are white, grey and black.

What are the bungs used for?
The bungs are used to just cap the bottom and top of the relevant trims, preventing anything getting inside them. They also give a nice finished look to the trim instead of leaving them open.

Do they fit both external corner trims?
Yes, both the Symmetric and the Asymmetric trims will fit the plastic bungs. They are designed to be quite tight and so may just need to be tapped in with some force.

Are they necessary?
Whilst they aren't necessary they are a good solution to stopping anything getting wedged in the trims and potentially causing whistling. They also provide a nice finished look to the trims.

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