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Bison Composite Batten Cladding – Cladding Planks

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Technical Specifications

  • Colour – Oak or Ash Grey
  • Length - 2700mm    
  • Width - 219mm   
  • Cover Width – 200mm
  • Individual batten width – 36.5mm
  • Gaps between battens – 13.5mm 
  • Depth - 26mm
  • Coverage – 0.54m² per board (or 1.85 boards per sqm without wastage)
  • Weight – 8Kg per board

Bison Composite Batten Cladding

  • Wood Plastic Composite Cladding planks that give the appearance of timber cladding battens or Cedar slatted cladding
  • Offers the elegant design and easy installation of Cedar or Siberian Larch cladding but with all the advantages of a composite material
  • Combined with the colour matched accessories, Composite Batten Cladding can be installed vertically or horizontally
  • With a lifelike woodgrain timber finish, Bison Composite Batten Cladding is available in two colours: Ash Grey or Oak
  • Can be used for a variety of projects including: Cladding, Slatted Fencing, Screening, Internal feature walls, planters.
  • Low maintenance product that will not need staining or painting.  Simply hose or jet wash clean when required.
  • UV stable and resistant to rot, mold and insects.  
  • Hard wearing cap ensures material stands up to all weather conditions, is non-porous and scratch resistant.
  • Manufactured from 82% recycled material (wood fibre and HDPE plastic).  Remaining 12% ingredients are additives for bonding, UV stabilisers and colour pigments.
  • Lifelike timber effect          
  • Will not rot         
  • Lightweight      
  • Hidden fixings     
  • UV Colour Stability
  • 95% recyclable       
  • Scratch Resistant    
  • Unaffected by insects    
  • Low maintenance     
  • Non-Porous      
  • 10-year product warranty

How many cladding boards will I need for my project?

Each cladding board comes in 2700mm lengths.  This will then give 0.54m² coverage per board or 1.85 boards per sqm.  This calculation does not allow for wastage and off-cuts, different builds dimensions and shapes will create carrying amounts of wastage and it is important that you consider this at the time of quantity calculations, especially if you want to keep neat lines and avoid butt joints.  The usual allowance is between 5-10% additional material for wastage

How should I store Bison Composite Batten Cladding after I receive delivery?
The composite material should be stored lying flat on level ground with supports every 500mm.  It is advisable to keep the material covered whilst storing to ensure it is clean and dust free but there is no reason why it can’t be stored open to weather elements

What Tools might I need for Bison Composite Batten Cladding?

Ideally you should have the following tools to ensure easy installation: Sliding compound mitre saw with composite blade, circular saw with guide rail for rip cuts, screw gun, tape measure, spirit level and all appropriate PPE

Will Bison Composite Cladding expand and contract?

Yes, WPC building products can be subject to thermal expansion and contraction. You should ensure you leave a 3m gap between the end of the board and a fixed structure.  You should also leave between 5-6mm gap if you need to butt two lengths of cladding board on a continuous run

How should I cut composite cladding and trims?

Cut the planks face side up using a circular saw, ideally with a specialist blade for composite materials.  Always where eye protections and any other PPE when cutting.  Hand saws and jig saws can also be used for detail cuts when needed

Are Bison Composite Batten Cladding products scratch proof?

There are very few things that will not scratch if you try hard enough.  These products are not completely scratch proof, but do have a very hard-wearing coating that will withstand general knocks and scrapes

How long will Bison Cladding products last?

As a highly weather resistant Wood Plastic Composite product, This batten clad system should last more than 30 years depending on atmospheric conditions.  A 10-year system warranty is provided

Can I install Bison Batten Cladding directly on to close boarding or brickwork?

No, composite cladding requires airflow behind the board and should be installed on to a timber or steel batten support at least 25mm deep.

Does Bison Composite Batten Cladding come in other colours?

Currently there are only two colour options, but we are looking to introduce further colours with demand.

Can I get samples of Bison Composite Batten Cladding products?

Yes, we have sample packs which include a piece of each colour board along with each of the trim accessories.  Please click here to order a sample.


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